About Us

Technology is rapidly changing products, services and systems with the flow-on effect of organisations having to transform the way things are done – their businesses and systems. Disruptive innovation and technologies cause business models, methods, systems and practices to continually evolve, and help create new markets; transforming organisations and systems over time. This has occurred throughout history; there is nothing new in this process, but the rapidly changing nature of products and systems means organisations need to almost continually rethink nearly everything they do and how they do it.

Smart, connected products and systems, comprising people, infrastructure and technology, offer expanding opportunities for functionality and capabilities. Rylac is engaged with the interconnectedness and effects of the rapidly changing nature of products and systems, and we welcome the challenge of assisting you with your business in this environment of ‘systems of systems’. We are able to apply our knowledge and understanding of engineering (systems, support and services), organisations (strategy, structure, resources, management, systems and processes), and project management, to your needs.

We are highly customer and output-focused and, since 2007, have undertaken many tasks for organisations, large and small, including corporate, government and university clients.

Rylac’s approach is to:

  • Interpret your needs by listening, questioning and understanding
  • Develop your outcomes by communication, research, analysis and design
  • Deliver your results such as advice, plans, reports, systems, processes, procedures, coordination or management.

Adelaide, South Australia


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